Lacking confidence?

This is a prime topic people search for on the internet. Confidence is an issue most people have. Even the people who look like they are the coolest and collected on the outside, you can be certain that almost all of them are a lot more secure on the inside than they are on the outside.

Are you lacking confidence?

Do you constantly doubt yourself? Do you wonder how others do it? Have you noticed a lack of confidence is starting to affect getting a job, getting a promotion, dating, and more? Lacking confidence can hurt you in every aspect of life. It affects everything and can even be harmful to your health!

What can you do to increase confidence?

The answer to this is a lot more simple than it sounds. You know what the main trick is to be more confident? Just act like it. If you can’t manage to assume the role of a confident person, you will have a hard time becoming more confident.
How will you get a better job if you do not believe you can do the job? How are you going to get a date if you do not think you can ask someone out? You can’t.

Take the plunge

The best way to gain confidence according to scientific research is to start small. Find a task at work that you have never done and just do it. Try things at home you have never done before. Build something, draw something. Do anything you think you can accomplish. Heck, try to beat a level at a video game even!
The trick is to start with small accomplishments you know you can do.
Next, you need to try some more challenging things. Here is where you may start to fail sometimes. Here is also the best lesson in confidence you can ever gain:

Failure is good!

Be ready to fail. Expect it to happen. Now here is what you do differently:
Rather than failing and giving up, do it again. and again, and again until you get it right. Jordan didn’t just make baskets right away. He failed for years. Be willing to fail, over and over and over again.
But this time, let your failure be different. Let this failure teach you yet another thing to not do this time. Eventually, you will have 20, 30, 40, or more mistakes to not make next time.
The secret is in the outlook. Rather than looking back at months of failure, look at months of progress. Are you trying to get a date? Well, talk to a girl. You will probably do horribly at first, but if you speak to a girl every day for a month, you will be a lot better and more confident than you were that first day because you have learned 29 things not to do. Also, once you become used to something, it is not so hard anymore.

The harder challenges

Now that you have boosted your confidence, accepted failure as part of life, now is the time to take some significant risks. Apply for a job that is above your skill level, but just a bit. Accept a task you have never done before. Don’t say no. Don’t say you don’t know how to do it. Figure it out, learn on the fly. Take this new task, read about it, study it, make mistakes and finally succeed.
This is where you will have peak confidence. When you reach a point where you can take on a task you have never done, dedicate yourself to succeeding, even if you have to work twice as hard as those around you.
Once you do, you will be thrilled at your accomplishment. You will want to do it again.

You will be confident!

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