People Who Have “Absurd Beliefs”

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

I recently had a talk with a friend about people who have beliefs he considers crazy. He told me about people with certain political beliefs and how they are crazy and irrational. I then mentioned to him some beliefs he had politically that I considered irrational. He told me his are different and cited 2-3 reasons for it. I asked him to elaborate, and he could only continue to cite his 2-3 points based on a watch of part of a documentary.

What is an Absurd Belief?

When I watched it and broke down to him why they were not accurate, he went back to the same points that he was right because ___ politician was evil, regardless of easily provable facts.

A few months went by, and he started “seeing someone” who would not allow him to follow on social media, not be allowed to date, but always wanted money, but he was convinced they were in love. That her boyfriend was not really a boyfriend, and that she was just sleeping with the other guy, but really loved my friend, who she wouldn’t sleep with.
It got me thinking, this is the same guy who was adamant that everyone else is crazy and believes irrational things, but is oblivious to his own irrational beliefs.

Do You Have Absurd Beliefs?

What is an absurd belief?

I am certain I have my own. I am certain that almost every one of you reading this has their own absurd beliefs. 

In my opinion, we need to look closely at ourselves and how we judge others. There is a massive political divide among people in the USA. Each side supposedly aware of the other sides craziness. On one side Russia is a puppetmaster to a nation of 150 million literal Nazis, and on the other, there is a Venezuelan plot to make America Communist.

There are millions of people who actually believe this. Just the other day on social media, I commented about how nice a photo was that depicted black and white people chatting in front of a store in 1939 South Carolina. That was it, that it was a nice photo of people getting along. I was told I was in denial of reality. That the black people were not just chatting, that there was something sinister. I was told that I was part of some communist plot to support BLM by claiming America is more racist now than then, you name it. Each side was convinced I was literally Hitler, or I was literally a paid troll of Hugo Chavez or whatever. Over nothing. 

What to do About Absurd Beliefs

While I can’t change peoples thinking, and even if I could, who am I to do such a thing, because I don’t even trust my own thoughts. Maybe half of America really is a bunch of Nazi’s or Communists and I am just the crazy one? We all make our own reality.

What I do know, however, is that you solve nothing in assuming everyone you disagree with is the crazy, irrational one. So, I try to respect everyone’s opinion, no matter how bizarre and within reason. Clearly, when you venture into hurting others, you are wrong. I don’t care if you think you are punching Nazis or Antifa. If you want to attack others for your beliefs, you are wrong.

Let’s respect each other a little more. You don’t have to agree with someone to respect their right to their own beliefs. This shouldn’t be too much to ask, but for most people, it is. Hopefully, to one or two readers, this is manageable. Respecting others is also a great way to reduce stress!

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