Positive News Of The Week 1-18-2021

Police are not without their problems internally lately, but even still with plenty of good officers out there, they can’t seem to get a break.This week, we honor some good deeds of officers out there who have done good despite the pain, despite the stress and despite the accusations coming from the less ethical within their ranks.

One thing we all need to remember in life, all cops are not bad. All BLM protesters are not bad, all Biden supporters are not bad, all Trump supporters are not bad. In fact, the vast majority of people as a whole are good people trying to do the right thing. The more people learn this, the better off we can all be. As Rodney King once famously said, “Can’t we all just get along?” The man had just been unjustly been severely beaten by police, and he found it in his heart to call for unity and to not blame all police. If Rodney King could do it, so can all of us.

Instead of Charging Women With Shoplifting Groceries, Police Officer Buys $250 Worth of Food For Family in Need

Officer Matt Lima was called to a shoplifting call just days before Christmas. On arrival, Officer Lima learned that two women and two young children had not scanned all of their groceries at the self-checkout kiosk, before exiting the store with numerous items they had not paid for.
After speaking with the suspects, he learned that the family had fallen on hard times, and had stolen groceries to pay for a Christmas dinner for the children.

Rather than arresting the mothers, Officer Lima served Notice Not To Trespass forms and did not arrest the women.

Officer Lima then went to another store and purchased $250 in gift cards with his own money so the family could purchase the items they needed for the Christmas Dinner.

Lima’s boss, Chief George McNeil, said, “This incident is a true testament of Officer Lima’s great character and decision making.”

Read the original story on The Good News Network.

Officer Gives His Life Protecting Community

Jason Shuping, a Concord, North Carolina police officer was killed in the line of duty while protecting a woman victimized by a carjacker.

“The outpouring of support for our community that has come from neighboring communities, the Governor, and officers throughout the state has been overwhelming. We hope that it brings some measure of comfort to Jason’s family, friends, and fellow officers, to whom we offer both our deepest condolences and our gratitude for Jason’s service,” Concord leaders said.

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Capitol Police Officer Called A Hero After Diverting Domestic Terrorists From Attacking Members Of Congress

Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman is a name most of us have heard recently, and his story is what inspired this week’s round of positive news.
Goodman was seen on video footage leading a group of rioters upstairs. When he reached the area where the Senate members were located, he can be seen glancing in their direction, then thinking quickly, beheaded toward more stairs, shoved the leading person of the group, in an apparent move to anger the man and bate him into chasing the officer.
In moments of high pressure and stress, it is very difficult to do the right thing and act in the best possible manner.
Thanks to Officer Goodman, lives may have been saved.

Read the original story at the BBC Website.

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