Positive News Of The Week 11-23-2020

The year is almost over! Who isn’t thankful for that? In a tough year, it is hard to think of ways to be grateful. However, one thing we can be thankful for is the kindness of people this year. Here is our roundup of random acts of kindness.

Alice Cooper Christmas Special

Did you know every year, Alice Cooper hosts over 100 underprivileged children at his phoenix restaurant, Cooperstown? While I have trouble finding out if this still happens or will happen this year, for several years, the musician low-key invites local children in need and provides them a fantastic Christmas meal every year.
These are the sort of good holiday deeds we all need to be mindful of, especially this year, which has been rough on almost everyone.

Grandma Still Has An Extra Plate

It has been four years since Jamal Hinton accidentally received a text message from Wanda Dench inviting him to her Thanksgiving dinner. She meant to ask her grandson. The two chatted, and she wound up inviting him anyway! The result was a wonderful experience. The two wound up becoming friends.
Since then, they have stayed in contact, and every year, Hinton heads over to Denches house for turkey dinner.

Dad Writes 270 Notes To Daughter For Every Day Of Deployment

Staff Sgt. Philip Gray was going away on a deployment to Afghanistan for nine months and needed to make sure he still could communicate with his daughter every day, so he and his wife came up with a plan.
He wrote a short note for her for each day he would be gone.
Two hundred seventy notes were placed in her lunchbox every day to keep 7-year0old Rosie motivated and inspired to get through her day. Everything from a brief note of encouragement to a reminder of her father’s love, the family remained connected in a small way every day during the deployment.
Philip ended up returning home on Aug. 8, 2020 — three days before Rosie’s birthday. Just in time to have not missed every major holiday in a year.
To those who are wondering…
Yes, Dad still leaves notes every day in his daughter’s lunchbox even after coming home.

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