Positive News of The Week! 8-24/8-30

Baby George Brings Life During Destruction

Source: Reuters
On August 4th, 2020, the world watched as an explosion in the Port of Beirut caused untold damage, death and destruction throughout the city killing almost 200 people and injuring 6,000. Meanwhile, at the same time, Edmond was in a hospital with his wife and medical staff giving birth to his son when the explosion happened. Amidst rubble, the doctors picked themselves up and cleaned themselves off and immediately returned to work, injuries and all. With no power in the building, cell phones were used to light the room to work.

With no incubator to keep the new baby George warm, staff did what they could with towels and rushed the newborn to another hospital. Here are some photos of beautiful miracle baby George two weeks later. A testament that there is always hope and new life everywhere, even in destruction. 

Operation Cookie Kindness

Source: Good Morning America
A three year old child from Stillwater, New York and her heart that is bigger than her moms oven baked over 1,000 cookies during the pandemic to give as gifts to essential workers.

The little one has seen the pressure and toll the pandemic has taken on them and decided she wants to give back.

So, Mia Villa and her mother decided to bake cookies for as many people as possible. They decided to name the project OPERATION: Cookie Kindness with a mission to deliver smiles and kindness to those who can use it the most.

You can keep tabs with Mia and her mission on her Facebook page Mia’s Cookie Jar

Counting On Gen Z To Step Up

Source: AP News
Young people across the country have stepped up to help others in this pandemic countering the common stereotype of Millennials wanting everything handed to them, these Millennials are only expecting to give handouts and help up to those who need it.

Teens and young adults are answering the call to serve just like past generations, but in meaningful ways.
15-year-old Valerie Xu, who raised money for masks and other supplies for those who need it.
17-year-old Nelson Mu has began an online series of classes called Yapa Kids to keep children learning.Dhruv Pai, 16, and Matthew Casertano, 15 were delivering groceries for older family members when they teamed up to start a delivery service to the elderly to help them stay safe and has grown to a delivery service of 650 teens for people in need.

Good News in History

On this day in 1967, Thurgood Marshall was confirmed as the first black judge named to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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