Positive News Of The Week! September 8th, 2020

Hello everyone! I know it has been a quiet week here at Positivity Newsletter, after a long and busy launch, I took a weekend off and once again got behind in work. So, a day late, but it is here: Your positive news of the week roundup!

Remember to share with others to remind them that things are not all bad!

11-Year-Old Starts His Own Car Detail Business

Courtesy ABC 6 News, Philly
11-year-old Jabre Dutton may not be old enough to drive, but you can be sure if he keeps up the entrepreneurial spirit, by the time he can, he will be able to buy any car he wants, and will have the skills to take care of it!

It all started as a way to earn a few extra dollars to buy credits for his favorite game, “Roblox”. Now, things are going well and he has no intention of lightening up and has hopes to open up a shop someday!
Good job, Jabre!

A Woman After Our Own Heart

Courtesy Progress-Index
During this difficult year when people are fighting for equality and fighting COVID-19, ‘Be Kind’ signs remind individuals to treat others like they themselves would like to be treated.

Ginni Bonnell decided one day that the world needs more kindness and positivity, so she began her Be Kind campaign, much like how I decided for similar reasons to start the Positivity Newsletter.

Ginni began making signs saying simply ‘Be Kind’ and began giving them out in her neighborhood. This spread to local schools and is now a global movement!

We salute Ginni and Crystal Phelps, who is featured in this story for bringing the movement to Tri-Cities, Virginia.

‘We’ll take care of you’

Courtesy USA Today
LaShenda Williams had had her share of ups and downs. A lifetime of abuse, addiction and homelessness had taken its toll on a woman who was now living in a car in a Kroger parking lot. She would regularly go in and buy food and other things she needed, and return to the parking lot at night to sleep. Then one day, there was a Help Wanted sign, and Williams was on top of it. She immediately talked to the manager about a job. But she needed to fill out an application online.

Williams then grabbed her laptop, plugged it in and applied on the spot and was given a job!
Fast forward eight months, LaShenda is still a model employee. She eventually earned enough for an apartment, and the community pulled together to help her furnish it.

Today LaShenda is not abused, she is not addicted, and she has a home. In times like these we as a community need to especially pull together to help each other out, or we will never make it, and stories like LaShenda’s is a reminder that nobody should be judged. That homeless person you see may not be lazy. They may be a hard worker who fell on hard times who needs just one break to make it back up.

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