Positive News Of The Week! September 16, 2020 Dog Heroes Edition!

Welcome to the Positive News of the Week! Last week we featured people helping each other in the community. This week, we focus on dogs being our four-legged bringers of positivity!

Youth, Concerts and Classical Music

Courtesy New York Times
In a time when the ism-schism seems to revolve far too much around negative stereotypes (Let’s just head off what this is really about and get to what’s good, right?) about people, it is nice to see someone take a series of stereotypes, toss them in the trash and light it on fire. Sheku Kanneh-Mason is a young black man. He is also a world-renowned cellist. Having just turned 21 in April and is already performing lead performances.
Classical music is an area with very few mainstream stars. Not only that but in a time of racial tensions, a young black classical music prodigy can bring interest to a new demographic while bringing understanding to the older demographic. Let’s hear it for Mr. Kanneh-Mason, for he may be able to save the world!

Not All Heroes Wear Clothes

Courtesy BBC News
Stumpy wanted to help save lives as a guide dog, but couldn’t because his legs were too short. It reminds me of the time I wanted to be an Air Force pilot, but my eyes were too bad. But unlike me, Stumpy didn’t give up his dream of helping, so he began donating blood to the Pet Blood Bank in the UK, and wound up donating 30 times and saved the lives of 120 other dogs!
Stumpy is now all done with his tour as a blood donor and is retiring with the world record for most doggy blood donations!

Speaking of Hero Dogs!

Courtesy Today.com
Kismet may not have any teeth of his own, but she likes making sure his human friends keep theirs.
While some people have a lot of anxiety about going tooth the dentist, Kismet is here to help. She never barks, literally has no bite, and loves children.
As the parent of a two-year-old and eight-year-old myself, I can say with certainty that yes, any little dog who can help ease my children at the dentist is absolutely a hero.

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
-Will Rogers

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