REDUCE STRESS! How Detachment Is The One Tool You Need To Know To End Stress Forever!

I was young, penniless, and in college. Like, making $4-500 a month income poor.

I would often study methods of maintaining my sanity through my struggles. When you can’t afford things to comfort yourself like food, movies, or even a television, internet, or music, you turn to yourself for happiness.

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A lot can be said about poverty and happiness. When you have nothing, you have to depend on yourself to be happy. This causes a lot of reflection and trips to the library. When you are so poor you have no television, cell phone or internet, you read. A lot. And when you are trying to maintain happiness and sanity, these are the things you tend to read about. One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned from the library is that of detachment. Detachment is vital to happiness, no matter how rich or poor you are.
Detachment is a way of improving your life in many ways, and the best part is all it takes is a new outlook, and outlooks are free.

What Can It Solve?

Detachment from the problems in your life can solve many problems. Of course, you can’t solve other people’s issues, but you can learn to not let other people’s problems affect you. Whether it be people behaving in a lousy way directly towards you or societal behaviors that may influence you.

Detachment For Objectivity

The most apparent benefit to detachment from the world is objectivity. If you can manage to detach yourself from outside events, you will find it is much easier to maintain neutrality. Whether the issue being raised is a problem at work, students in a class, a family matter, or even political and justice issues.
Detachment helps prevent you from being swayed by emotion to one side or another and keeps you more grounded in fact rather than by prejudices, fears, and assumptions.

Detachment For Peace

The best thing about detachment from the world is seeing many of your stressors go away. When you can reach a sense of separation from the world, many issues bother you melt away. You will find so many things that preoccupy your mind are just wasted toxic thoughts.

Detachment For Success

People can often become preoccupied with success so much that they develop a complicated, stressful determination. The obsession with the goals creates your own barriers to success.
When you are so preoccupied with processes and profit, you can forget the why of your existence. Pursuing success for the sake of success gives you no reason.
To detach from success and just trust the journey frees up your mind and your stress.
I have seen many businesses fail because the obsession for the bottom line creates a lack of concern for quality and service.

How To Become Detached From The World

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In detachment, you learn to not only stop focusing on toxic and negative thoughts, but they naturally get replaced with much more productive thoughts. Start small. The ultimate goal is to become detached in all things but start with one thing. A job is a typical stressor. So allow us to begin with that as an example.

Analyze The Situation

What are your stressors, are they people, processes, anything. Analyze why you are angry. Then think about the importance of this reason. Is it really worth it to be upset? Is anything accomplished by being resentful? There will be coworkers you do not like, that is life. Acting on it solves nothing. Retaliation or even just holding resentment inside does no good to anyone. However, rising above is noticed by everyone.
After analyzing the situation, you will likely realize how pointless holding onto emotion is.

Let Go Of Your Feelings

Once you have analyzed the situation, let it out. You can talk to someone, but I find writing it down works out just fine. Once you put it out there, you will feel a release of stress right away. Cry it out, hang out with the boys or girls at the bar for the night, whatever you do, do it thoroughly. Get it all out!

Start Small

Don’t expect to suddenly be fully detached from a situation you have to deal with right away, but start small.
Begin with zipping the lip. You do not have to instantly become a bundle of joy, but you can stop vocalizing negativity, ever, anywhere. Now that you have let out the negativity leave it out. There is nothing wrong with venting, but no negativity yourself. No talking behind people’s backs, no being dishonest, and seeing something that upsets you, do not hold it in. Do not trash the situation, go in doing you.

Find A Positive Solution

When you see things that go wrong, rather than being angry, look for a positive and productive solution. Did someone not clean up after themselves? Clean it up. I guarantee you, you do not have to tell everyone who made the mess, and you do not have to boast about doing it. This causes you to dwell on the negative. I assure you people will notice, no need to point it out. When you do something for credit, it creates more resentment when you do not get credit. Do things because they should be done, not because you want to be praised.
Nothing good comes from making situations worse, and everything good comes from making them better. Finding solutions is always better than pointing out problems. If you do not have an answer, you are just complaining.

Be Patient

This is the most challenging part. It is easy to not judge once, it is easy to not complain and get something done, but about the 20th time in the day, it gets hard.
Anything worthwhile takes practice. Keep it up, and you will realize that it gets easier every day.

What Will Happen When You Succeed

When you keep this up for a while, you will notice that life is much more simple and enjoyable when you learn to detach from your problems and focus on what matters. We get caught up in so many petty things, we often do not realize how cluttered our world is with mental garbage. When we begin detaching from the negativity in our lives rather than win, we start living.

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